Commoners’ Diamond

A woman’s best friend, the diamond, has proved its friendship, albeit to the affluent women occupying the upper echelons of society only. With the average cost of a diamond ring being about $5,000, prospective grooms eager to say “I do” to their fiancé do so at a high price tag if they are to seal the lifetime commitment (no harm setting the bar high) with a flashy finger flatterer. Let’s face it: divorce rates could be manipulated by the mere managing of emotions, aka hormonal surges and slides of women by the sight or unsightliness of her ring finger (source: I’m a woman)!

Who would want to call it quits by tossing a 5k stone at a spouse in a packed restaurant or cafeteria if the better half can only be accused of jamming bathroom pipes with hair (scalp, pubic or shaved)? Many marriages have gotten a fresh lease—and breeze—when the guilty partner showers the other with a sparkling stone, hard enough to break windows yet soft enough to melt hearts. But hold on! What about relationships where the price tag of jewellery rules the roost? Where marriages or engagements can snap like potato chips if one of the partners overspent the meticulously planned budget? This is where Cubic Zirconia (CZ), commoners’ diamond, comes to the rescue!

With an apt alias of American Diamond, Cubic Zirconia is not only a tough, lab-made competitor to the naturally occurring real diamonds in price, it also scores amazingly well on time-tested durability. If you don’t care about how much light your fashion statement (read status symbol) refracts, buy Cubic Zirconia aka American Diamond jewellery and save thousands of dollars! On a personal note, I used to be in awe of a co-worker who donned brand new sparkling pieces of what I thought at the time to be real diamonds, until I asked her and realized that she was wearing Cubic Zirconia the whole time!

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