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Vinita Kinra was born in Milton, Ontario, to Punjabi parents, Mr. Rajeshwar Kinra, and Mrs. Raman Kinra. She is an Indo-Canadian writer, speaker and activist. Her collection of short stories titled Pavitra in Paris was published in Canada to wide critical acclaim in 2013. Her book is a part of Vancouver Public Library (Western Canada), voted World’s Best Public Library the same year, Mississauga Public Library (Eastern Canada), and Ryerson University of Toronto.

Vinita is known worldwide for her incisive quotations on social justice, human rights and life’s many emotions. She was named among 150 most distinguished personalities of Canada in 2017 by Canadian government’s Race Relations Foundation to celebrate Canada’s 150 birth anniversary.

Vinita holds a Master’s degree in French from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi, where she was awarded a scholarship by the French government to teach English at an international High School in France. She was subsequently inducted as faculty in French universities of Grenoble and Orléans to teach English and French translation techniques at the post graduate level.

Vinita spent 12 formative years at MGD Girls’ public School of Jaipur, which helped her build a strong academic foundation. She graduated in 1993 and won the first prize for securing the highest marks in Hindi at the 12th board exams. The prize was conferred by then principal Dr. Mrs. G.D. Bakshi and President of India, Hon. Shankar Dayal Sharma.