IMAGINE, Selected Quotations by Vinita Kinra, is launching in 2015!
IMAGINE, Selected Quotations by Vinita Kinra, is launching soon.
  1. Before my birth I wasn’t Hindu. After my death I won’t be Hindu. In between I became Hindu. Respect all religions!
  2. I am a woman. Walk with me, not over me.
  3. Imagine a world where nations trade flowers, not weapons.
  4. They say, you are not straight. Does that mean God makes mistakes?
  5. Not educating a woman is like choosing to run on one foot and dreaming to be a marathon winner.
  6. Romance floats on looks; love arrests the heart.
  7. Don’t wait for someone else to say you are the best. If you believe you are, prove it!
  8. Don’t judge others unless it is for justice.
  9. Fear is the beast which tears your dreams apart. Before it does so, you must tear the fear apart.
  10. Don’t try to eat a lion like a lamb. If you do so, the lion will eat you!
  11. Life is a game of Snakes and Ladders. The risks we take are the gamble of dice; the snakes that bite us on the way to the top are vicious enemies, but the players who never give up climb the ladders of success.
  12. Love is to life what heart is to body.
  13. Sex satiates the body; virtue satiates the soul.
  14. Time is infinite but life is finite. Do something special in your life to be remembered until infinity.
  15. Nation building is not one man’s work. It is the work of the entire nation as one.
  16. Races are the roots that bring the nutrients of their cultures to nourish the tree of humanity.
  17. Terrorists must understand all seven colors of the rainbow were created by God Himself. Trying to color all other six colors with yours is like coloring sea, soil and sky with red.
  18. To lead a happy and hopeful life, always believe tomorrow is better than today.
  19. Hope is the rope that pulls us out of the deep well of despair.
  20. Are we weaker than a bee or an ant? Why then do we give up when they don’t?
  21. Humans are like spiders. The only difference is that spiders never get trapped by the web they weave for their prey; humans fall into their own web of desires.
  22. Conquer death with determination, don’t fear it. Just like Salmon fish risk their lives and swim upstream against the current to lay eggs.
  23. Don’t love God because you fear His power. Love Him because you need a true friend.
  24. Introverts bubble within themselves and suffer the heat; extroverts burst like volcanoes to burn others with envy.
  25. We believe in destiny when the incidents of our life defy logic.
  26. Trying to control destiny is trying to interfere in God’s work.
  27. Diversity makes a nation dazzle like spring flowers and autumn leaves.
  28. When you love someone inferior to you, it’s pity; when you love someone superior to you, it’s docility.
  29. Imagine a world where people gather to support peace not war.
  30. If you focus only on one target at a time, you will shine fiercely like the sun; if you divide your focus between several targets, you will merely twinkle like stars.
  31. Good friends come to your rescue when you need them most like winter sun and summer rain.
  32. Never treat anyone as inferior. If head treated feet as inferior, it would never have walked a step.
  33. I hear music everywhere: in the rustling of leaves, crashing of waves, chirping of birds and fluttering of butterflies, only when I’m present in the present.
  34. Great leaders are those who make unknown paths known to others.
  35. Computer keyboards can’t be the flute of a pen that blows the magic of words on blank pages.
  36. Depression is devastating, it pushed me to the edge. I took advantage of the situation and threw it off the cliff by making nature my God, my guru and my best friend.
  37. Best teachers are not found in schools. They are travelers and thinkers.
  38. There’s no age to succeed. Sometimes you succeed in your lifetime like Picasso, sometimes after death like Vincent Van Gogh.
  39. Imagine if God rebooted the earth…All windows of disparity would shut down.All species would refresh in newfound freedom and equality.
  40. If there was no destiny, we would never believe in God.
  41. Success is steps away when you know what you need to succeed like trees need water to grow and breeze to dance.
  42. It’s God’s will to share the earth otherwise He would have created only one living being.
  43. Man is the finest creation of God who has a brain with a virus. When the virus overpowers the brain, destruction begins. When the brain overpowers the virus, peace begins.
  44. Climate change is natural. The speed of climate change is man-made. If we interfere with nature, She will turn breeze into hurricanes, waves into tsunamis and rain into floods.
  45. Trees are beautiful in spring or autumn; humans are beautiful in youth or old age.
  46. Body and soul are as inseparable as trees and their shadows. Soul rejoices when body is happy just like shadows dance when trees sway.
  47. A North American says, “I don’t believe in Global Warming.” A Bangladeshi says, “Now I know why we are drowning!”
  48. Religions are just excuses; wars are fought for money.
  49. True Democracy can only be achieved when politicians dance to peoples’ tunes, not the other way around.
  50. Wars happen because we love religions more than humans.
  51. Who can tell us better than autumn leaves how to say Goodbye? They depart from trees dancing merrily to embrace the earth.
  52. Who would teach us better than flowers how to do our karma? They blossom briefly, yet give us fragrance, nectar and beauty to cherish before they perish.
  53. Time has come to respect handymen who have created such a beautiful world for rich men.
  54. Money doesn’t grow on trees; trees are money. Grow trees to grow money.
  55. Biggest credit for our existence goes to water. Biggest blame for water’s non-existence goes to us. Save water!
  56. Before my birth, I was neither brown nor a girl. After my death, I won’t be either brown or a girl. In between I am BOTH. Say NO to racism and sexism.
  57. The smallest stone sinks in water while the biggest ship floats on it. Tame enemies to stay afloat.
  58. Time has come to replace divide and rule by unite and rule.
  59. Granny, your face looks beautiful with wrinkles, just like the lake looks beautiful with ripples.
  60. While I was becoming rich, many others were becoming poor. I don’t know if I should rejoice my richness or mourn others’ poverty. Bring equality!
  61. Trees look beautiful wearing leaves while earth looks ugly wearing humans, thanks to equality in one case and inequality in the other.
  62. Taking risks is less risky than not taking risks. When you take risks you either go up or down, but when you don’t, you go nowhere.
  63. In the past countries fought war for black gold: oil; in the future they will fight for white gold: water.
  64. Being beautiful or ugly is beyond humans’ control, but bringing equality is well within their control.
  65. God gave us enough resources to be equal and happy, but in the name of growth some of us became more equal and happy than others.
  66. Artists are like God: they create, they preserve, they destroy.
  67. We are chasing life; death is chasing us. Finally, death catches up with us.
  68. Imagine humans without hair. Imagine earth without trees.
  69. My birthday is Earth Day. Let’s plant a tree to make Dear Earth pollution free!
  70. Your home is insured by insurance companies; your home’s HOME earth is insured by you.
  71. Be proud of being humane, not human!
  72. When you’re looking for love, look who’s behind you; when you’re looking for success, look who’s ahead of you.
  73. Friends are like winter fire: if you come too close, it will burn you; if you stay too far, you will be cold.
  74. The brightest star in the night sky is the one closest to us; keep getting closer to your goal to shine even brighter.
  75. Multicultural societies are like a bouquet of different flowers: they enrich countries with diverse colours, fragrance and beauty.
  76. Sometimes you have to bend like grass to weather a storm. You will be uprooted like a tree if you always stay firm.
  77. Life without roots is a dead log. It can never thrive like a living tree.
  78. Rainbows and multicultural societies are alike. Diversity makes them beautiful.
  79. Gandhi is remembered for guidance; Mozart is remembered for music.  You can be remembered too if you follow your passion.
  80. When faced with a problem, we have two options: solve it or wish for it to go away. If you don’t solve it, it will never go away.
  81. Laziness is the curse of someone who has no dreams.
  82. Dream is like a butterfly. You have to chase it to discover worlds you never knew existed.
  83. Vanity occurs when we think we are invincible. Death occurs to tell us we are not.
  84. If you have a dream, first build a team.
  85. You win when your determination is more powerful than hurdles, otherwise you lose.
  86. In the race of life, don’t be like a horse that can stop anytime; be like the Earth: unstoppable.
  87. When you are hungry, you should eat. When you are thirsty, you should drink. When you are sad, you should laugh.
  88. Love those who love you back; leave those who think lust is love.
  89. No one is perfect; that’s all the reason to work towards perfection.
  90. When you work extremely hard to get 1, God gives you 10; otherwise He gives you none.
  91. Happiness can’t be bought, but the act of buying can make you happy.
  92. Poverty is a shackle which limits your movements; but your brain can’t be shackled and if used wisely, it can lift you out of poverty.
  93. Impossible is like an egg. Remove the shell to reach possible.
  94. Difference between leaders and followers: Leaders lead followers while followers lead themselves.
  95. When God conspires to pull you up, world conspires to pull you down. Ultimately God wins.
  96. Your success does not depend on hard work, but on right work.
  97. Not accepting sunrise by saying I have closed my eyes won’t change the fact.
  98. Treat every defeat as a challenge because no defeat is a final defeat.
  99. Never be shy of asking. Even to be blessed by God you need to seek His blessings.
  100. Greed makes you believe you are immortal; renunciation makes you believe you are mortal.
  101. If someone causes you stress, weed them out of your life. Grass is never healthy with weeds; humans are never healthy with stress.
  102. They can steal your wealth, they can trespass your property; they can’t snatch your knowledge and they can’t break your resolve.
  103. When people start getting jealous of you, success is not far.
  104. Discover yourself to be discovered.
  105. Don’t kill. Kill the thought of killing.
  106. When people are mean to you, they are doing you a favour; they give you a stronger reason to prove yourself even more.
  107. Choose good friends as you would choose good food; they are both important for your health.
  108. The easiest way to excel is to pay attention to what you’re doing.
  109. We are jealous when we are convinced that the other person is better than us.
  110. We waste a lot of time over what others think of us; if we use that time wisely, they will worry  about what we think of them.
  111. It’s easy to distinguish yourself: just do what most people don’t.
  112. Forgiveness is not an act but a long-drawn process of painful justification of wrongdoing.
  113. Hope comes when every morning is different even if the weather remains constant.
  114. Too much of everything is harmful, even love.
  115. Love someone in proportion to what you receive otherwise it becomes emotional exploitation.
  116. Accepting death as your final destination is the best way to conquer materialism.
  117. Most people find joy in obstructing your success because they feel empowered when you’re struggling. Try to succeed anyway to make them powerless.
  118. True love is reflected in actions not words.
  119. Stealing money is always easier than earning it, but earning teaches you more precious lessons that no thief can steal.
  120. Nobody will believe you when you set out to chase your dream. Everyone will follow you when you succeed in achieving it.
  121. Success comes when you add all your efforts and multiply it by your passion.
  122. Possible and impossible are like diamond and coal: those who dare get diamond, those who don’t get coal.
  123. God loves you when you love Him and His creations.
  124. When you are down, look up to your goal. When you reach up, look down to keep your soul.
  125. Helping a friend is helping yourself. If you don’t help today, you will not be helped tomorrow.
  126. They say they own a piece of land. I say you don’t even own your own body.
  127. Your success depends on how much fire of desire you have AND  how much fuel of passion you feed it.
  128. You are born to rule or to be ruled. It’s for you to decide which path to choose.
  129. If you wish, you may. If you want, you can. If you are determined, you will.
  130. Life and death are two banks of the same river. Time is the boat on which we travel from one to the other, over and over.
  131. Rich must thank poor; if poor unite, rich will have no place to hide.
  132. Togetherness is the key to success: a lone bee makes hardly any honey; a lone man makes hardly any money.
  133. Trees are selfless, so all species thrive. If they were like humans, the world wouldn’t survive.
  134. Don’t drown yourself in the pool of lies; fly high on the clouds of truth.
  135. Beauty of trees is not judged by shape, size and species, then why ours?
  136. River water and talent can’t be stopped forever.
  137. Imagine Himalayas without glaciers. Imagine 3 nuclear powers without water.
  138. Chase a butterfly and you will discover the joys of wandering into uncharted trails.
  139. The more challenges life deals us, the more scars experiences give us, the higher we go, the better we get.
  140. I’m not you; you’re not me. Then why do I want you to be like me?
  141. Those who know you, don’t know you. Those who don’t know you, want to know you and the cycle goes on.
  142. Your existence depends on what you have, not what you are.
  143. You have only one true friend: that’s YOU!
  144. Love and hatred belong to the same plant: one is rose, the other is thorn.
  145. My God and your God don’t fight. Why do we?
  146. Always ask, ‘Do you love me?’ before saying, ‘I love you’.
  147. A true friend is someone who knows what you want before you ask for it.
  148. Earth does not need you, you need the earth. To save yourself, save the earth!
  149. Taliban means student; play with ink not blood.
  150. Imagine a man without lungs. Imagine earth without Amazon rainforest.
  151. You’ve got one life; do all you can to fulfill your passion. Everybody is gifted with a special talent.
  152. You can’t eat coconut without breaking its shell; you can’t succeed without breaking the cycle of failure.
  153. Change we must; if a river can, so can we.
  154. When you are in need, you are all alone indeed!
  155. Winners are those who defeat defeat.
  156. Money is scarce; spend if you have to, not because you want to.
  157. Mirror reflects your outer beauty; behaviour reflects your inner beauty.
  158. When you feel big and powerful, stand before a mountain; when you feel small and weak, stand before an ant.
  159. One life, one wife!
  160. Humanity is my religion; Earthian is my nationality.
  161. Taj Mahal was built as a team; without a team, it was a far dream.
  162. 3 P’s are my soulmates: Pain, Prose and Poetry.
  163. Vegetarian is better; vegan is the best — A cow says.
  164. Cultures should not be like water that dissolves them evenly, but like colours that stand out distinctly.
  165. Taliban stands for student; own a pen not gun.
  166. Riots happen because rationale is eclipsed by revenge.
  167. We say they are animals; they say we are manimals.
  168. Don’t be consumed by the fire of jealousy, use that fire to chart your own path to success.
  169. We got teeth of  a man but appetite of a lion!
  170. Live a life of virtue. Remember, yesterday you were not here, tomorrow you won’t be here.
  171. Say NO to nuclear bombs otherwise it may take us all to our tombs.
  172. Don’t be a slave of 3 S’s: Salt, Sugar and Sex.
  173. Today they are mocking at you; tomorrow they will be mocked at by themselves.
  174. If your God asks you to commit crime against humanity, change your God.
  175. Change should be gradual. Without spring and fall, summer and winter would be too harsh; without dawn and dusk, day and night would be too abrupt.
  176. In some nations day broke after a long night, but it is clouded with chaos and corruption.
  177. Black & white are like night & day: night shows spectacle of night sky while day shows beauty of earth.
  178. Change the change when it is malchanged.
  179. Planets and humans are alike. They collide during conflicts, but shine during peace.
  180. Master emotions otherwise emotions will become your master.
  181. In the race for money, man loses his health; to get his health back, he loses his money.
  182. What we didn’t achieve is not worth fretting; what we did achieve is worth celebrating.
  183. Man lives like he will never die; he dies so easily like he never lived.
  184. Destruction brings destruction. Today we are destroying mother nature, tomorrow she will destroy us.
  185. Today we are constructing our homes by destroying our home’s HOME EARTH. Tomorrow we will have neither home, nor home’s HOME.
  186. Say NO to racism. It gives birth to skepticism which leads to cynicism.
  187. What malware is to computer, anger is to humans. One disables computers, other disables humans.
  188. Relationship is a ship that floats when there are no holes of mistrust or jealousy in it.
  189. A lone cloud brings no rain. A lone man makes no gain.
  190. To reach your destination, don’t be static like the sky, keep on moving like the clouds.
  191. Looking for wisdom in a school is as naïve as looking for God in a temple.
  192. Niagara Falls is the hanging tongue on the face of the earth, drooling endlessly over its own beauty.